Welcome to Piper + Harper!

mom, cc Bennett, with two little girls, piper and harper.

Hi there! 

I’m CC Bennett!  Mama of Piper + Harper (both the kids and the brand). I am a preschool teacher turned entrepreneur. How? Well it all started when I was pregnant with my youngest, Harper. I was shopping (maybe a little too much in my husband’s eyes) for all the matching sister outfits and adorable baby clothes. I found bamboo clothing and fell in LOVE. But I couldn’t find the perfect line of bamboo clothing that checked all my boxes. Functional, Sustainable, and Adorable. My 3 MUST HAVES. I dabbled in design and spent my nights awake with Harper as a newborn researching and making this dream a reality. 

I am so glad you are here on this journey with us. As a brand we are constantly evolving, researching, and growing! Your support truly means the world to our little family.


CC Bennett

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